Sponsored Research

The Office of Sponsored Research is comprised of:

  • Research Development Office (RDO) fosters scientific collaboration between internal and external research teams and facilitates proposal development for large, multi-investigator project grants. The RDO is also home to the Resource Allocation Program and the Limited Submission Program.
  • Research Management Services (RMS) provides expert administrative support to all researchers, from pre-award through the award process on all grant mechanisms.  RMS teams collaborate with the Principal Investigator (PI), his/her department and our sponsors so that PIs may be successful in their research grants.
  • Government and Business Contracts (GBC) provides negotiation, acceptance and award setup for City/County, State and Federal contracts, business contracts, and incoming subcontracts where the prime source of funding is a contract.

See list of Departments and Teams here.

For the most up to date information see the Office of Sponsored Research website.