Is it legal for managers to come to an employee at this point to encourage the employee to apply for an OE position?

Dear Anonymous,

Without your name or department, we are unable to give you specific support.  However, we will do our best with the information you kindly sent.  First of all, it certainly sounds like you are a valued employee, skilled in pre-award and someone who the department values. It sounds as if your manager has thought about your future and has taken time to work out a positive career opportunity for you.  Phase I is the first of four phases to fully rollout the new model for pre award support.  Eventually all departments will have their pre-award activities managed by a pre-award expert who is part of a team/cluster.  Each faculty member will work with this expert.  Your manager was trying to assure you of a career move that would be particularly good for you and for the department. Instead of ‘sacrificing you’, it seems that your manager is going to some effort to protect you.  If you chose to apply for a position in a cluster, you would have the benefit of training, leading to signature authority and you’d have a defined career path.  Your manager was correct, if you were selected, we make every effort so that you would still support the faculty you currently work with.   

No doubt, OE will have its difficulties and challenges as it rolls out.  But we have a commitment to the Chancellor (and to the fiscal challenges) to make OE work.  It is a very anxious time and will continue to be as the new OE ways to work are rolled out. You are fortunate to have a manager that has taken the time to guide you in a constructive and supportive direction.

We would hope that you have an opportunity to have a further conversation with your manager.  You might also find it helpful to see the document on the web ‘Guide for Volunteer Departments’.  There are close to 40 common questions that people have been asking. You may find that to be useful.  We are having another Brown Bag April 7th just to talk about these new Pre-Award positions. We hope you can attend.

OE General