"Why are they hiring so many new Vice Chancellors and those of us in the departments are getting laid off?"

The EVCP office acknowledges that “We should have done a better job communicating our organizational goals.” By not doing so, it distracted the focus from the critical work of these individuals and instead, generated the above comment.  

Before a Vice Chancellor was hired, the leadership thoroughly assessed whether the positions could be combined, reduced, replaced or eliminated. In the cases where the positions were mandated by the University of California’ President’s Office, such as Diversity and Ethics, the positions were advertised. In the case of the Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources, they partnered the position with the Medical Center. Since UCSF is at the forefront of research, filling the vacant Vice Chancellor for Research position was a critical need. With the steep 50% budget cut, these positions were funded using and leveraging existing resources.

“We are in a particularly challenging economic and political climate. But this doesn’t mean, for a second, that we’re going to give up on our aspirations of leadership and excellence in all aspects of our mission and vision.  What it does mean is that we need to be flexible, to be able to respond well and maintain leadership in a highly ambiguous and risky environment. We can’t continue to do things the way we always have. If we do, we will fail. We do need change and for that we need your continued help. We will continue to invest in what we need to, to further innovation and creativity.”  This message is from Jeff Bluestone in direct response to the feedback from the recent Come and Be Heard session.

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