"Where's the leadership? We haven't heard from the Chancellor about OE in over a year." "If they are behind OE, why aren't they out in front being its champions?"

These two comments come directly from the 'Come and Be Heard' feedback.

Although OE has been a constant theme that both the Chancellor and her senior leadership have embedded in many of their communiqués, meetings and presentations, it is correct that the Chancellor hasn't held an OE dedicated event since she launched OE over a year ago.

Through the feedback from the Come and Be Heard sessions, our senior leaders have heard that you have concerns they are not out in front championing OE and they might be insulated and disconnected from the reality of the stresses you are feeling in your daily work. You want to know that in addition to the business side of UCSF, they care for the people side.

The Chancellor, the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost and the Senior Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration realize the endless hours they do spend on OE are not visible for many of you.  John Plotts and Jeff Bluestone in fact spend a large percentage of their time on OE meetings, forums and discussions with tthe OE leadership and teams, working through sensitive and thorny issues. Sue, John, Jeff and the Deans are committed to making this work and making sure it results in a better and stronger work environment for all of us.

We are currently scheduling Town Halls at Parnassus, Laurel Heights, SFGH and Mission Bay. These 'Talks with UCSF Senior Leadership' will be held in June. The objective is to give faculty and staff an opportunity to hear from the Deans, Jeff Bluestone, John Plotts, as well as David Odato and Susanne Hildebrand-Zanki regarding OE and to engage in discussion. We will send out the announcement as soon as we have the details.

OE General