Where can I find FAQs for IT Field Services?

Please see the IT website for all of the FAQs.  Below is a sampling of the FAQs currently available:

  1. Who or what is covered by the service?  Support charges are based on people.  We will support all of the subscriber's UCSF-owned desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.  Each device is tied to its primary user, who must be enrolled in the service to receive support.  There are two levels of service:
    • Basic for $44 per FTE per month
    • Premium for $75 per FTE per month
  2. What does basic service cover?  Basic service description is available here.
  3. What does premium service cover?  Premium service description is available here.
  4. Who is expected to use this service?  In general, we expect all UCSF faculty and staff to start using this service after January 2013 and before December 2014. Departments can decide when, during that time period, they prefer to join. Postdocs and students are automatically excluded from using or paying unless their department decides to pay for them to receive service.
  5. Can anyone opt out of this service?  Starting in January 2014, academic department chairs will be able to submit opt-out requests to their deans for full time research FTE's within their academic research laboratories who do not work with protected patient data at any time in the course of their employment. These exceptions are granted due to the unique equipment nature of these labs and the high number of their staff who do not regularly use computers. An academic research laboratory is defined as primarily engaged in non-clinical, academic research with a focus on graduate education and training. Central administration in these departments cannot opt out. Those who opt out will not receive campus desktop support services unless they pay on a time & materials basis (for IT service desk and desktop support costs).
  6. How will billing be done?
    • Billing will follow the model of the network charge, so that staff are charged according to their payroll distributions.
    • Anyone that is not an FTE that a department would like to have service for, for example a postdoc, will be billed by a separate system similar to how affiliates are billed for network service.
  7. What is hourly support and when does it apply?
    • For anything that is not covered by the service catalog for basic or premium service, you can purchase hourly support at a rate of $75/hr.
    • An example of this is a basic support customer who requires presentation support for an important meeting.  This is not covered by the service, but can be arranged and paid for on an hourly basis.
    • Hourly charges will require departmental authorization.  The authorization process can delay service in urgent situations, so we are working on a way to allow departments to pre-approve a quantity of hours to expedite service delivery.
  8. Can this service be legally charged to direct cost on NIH and other grants?  We are working with the UCSF Budget Office to assure that all such transactions will conform to federal and state laws.

See all of the FAQs here.