What is the UCPath initiative and will it impact our new HR service centers?

In October 2014, as part of the final wave, UCSF will go-live with the UCPath system.  It is an integrated payroll and human resources system that will replace our current PPS system.  This service center will be located in Riverside, CA.  UCPath will be primarily transaction processing in the areas of payroll, benefits, leave and workforce administration. 

Fortunately, the important support that we provide to departments across the HR life cycle will continue.  We will also continue to analyze the potential effect of UCPath as it rolls out.  Our expectation is to minimize the impact on both the departments and our employees.  Two and a half years should give us that time.

As this is still early in the process, we have little information.  As soon as there is any up-to-date information we will share it with you. 

Please see David Odato's communication to the Human Resources community and the UCPath website.