What do we know about clusters at this point?

We don’t know exactly what they’ll look like, but we do know how we’ll be creating them. Here are some fundamentals that are guiding how we develop these pooled administrative services/clusters:

  • The identity and integrity of the Schools and their departments will be preserved
  • Pooling administrative services into groups is more cost effective than replicating that service in 55 different departments, ORU's and Interdisciplinary Centers
  • Clusters will be organized to primarily support the faculty and their departments
  • Clusters will enable smaller departments access to a service level that they might not have had otherwise
  • The cluster system groups subject matter experts into teams, thus providing a consistent level of service, backup for holidays, illness and unexpected absences
  • Clusters also ensure consistent application of policy and procedures
  • Services provided by clusters to a department will be required to adhere to strict performance standards. The department will partner with cluster management to provide performance feedback and successful team assignments

In addition, it’s likely that:

  • Although Research Administration, Staff HR & Academic Affairs and Finance may house some of their services in a cluster-style organization, some activities within each of these functions may remain within the department
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