We work in Fresno, at SFGH, at the VA or other locations that may not always be considered part of the central campus site. Are our needs part of the OE planning efforts?

Yes they are. UCSF is dedicated to taking into consideration the knowledge, practices, and needs of all its people, not just the ones at centralized locations. However, at this stage in the timeline, we can only reassure you that we will take the uniqueness of your situations into considerations and make every effort to keep whole what is currently working so well. There are many ways that you approach your work that have proved to be cost effective and efficient. Our hope is that the OE effort can benefit from best practices wherever they occur.

Keeping that in mind, UCSF still has to reduce costs and that will entail tough decisions and some changes to how we have long been accustomed to working. Fortunately, the process that has been established to find these solutions is led by your colleagues and is broad-based and thorough.