We keep hearing that new systems will make this bumpy transition in pre-award much smoother. But what exactly are these systems and when will we actually be using them?

An incredible amount of work has gone into making both eProposal and CACTAS relevant and effective so once the initial bugs have been worked out the proposal preparation and submission system should be smoother.  A note of caution, rolling out new systems themselves is usually bumpy so we are careful in setting an expectation that these new systems will make everything perfect from day one.  

  1. eProposal is an electronic proposal preparation and submission system that will interface with existing internal systems (e.g., Peoplesoft) and grants.gov to make proposal preparation and submission much simpler and faster.  It provides electronic routing, and will replace Cayuse and Proposal Express.  eProposal should be piloting this fall.  
  2. CACTAS (centralized agreement contact tracking and approval system).  This is an award negotiation and reporting tool that will be used by C&G and Industry Contracts, and will house all research agreements, clinical trials, private grants, pro-fee agreements, correspondence, TAA’s etc.  Departments can purchase read only licenses or receive automated reports.   CACTAS will provide transparency on all contracts in process in both offices.  It is being built on the Salesforce platform.  The first release will go into full production on July 1.