Research Administration seems like it's working fine. What exactly are we trying to fix in this area?

Because supporting the faculty in their research is a critical cornerstone of UCSF, it merits our best efforts at continual and significant improvement. Recent changes have proved highly beneficial, and we are eager to keep the momentum going. Additionally, the implementation of the new RASII research system will bring with it new working methodologies.

The OE Research Administration Work Group, supported by many of you in the departments, has outlined the following steps for improvement.

  1. Streamline the current pre-award process.  Make the proposal development, submission and award set up as easy and clear as possible. Eliminate unnecessary back-and-forth including redundant signatures.
  2. Create a Research Administration job family.  Redefine job roles to reflect the new way to work. Ensure consistent performance review across all positions. Provide clearly defined career goals and professional advancement that is transparent and encourages highly professional level service.
  3. Provide Training, Certification, and Signature Authority.  Provide individuals with intensive training and ongoing education resulting in appropriate levels of professional certification and signature authority.