It's stressful waiting on the inevitable changes OE will bring. Why is it taking so long?

For many of us, the wait since the Chancellor initiated Operational Excellence in late 2009 until now has felt long and tough. Yet to others it feels like it has been rushed: for Work Group members tasked with meeting these deadlines, it feels like an intense time crunch.

Though it may seem like it is taking forever, Operational Excellence is on schedule according to its original timeline.  While this timeline has created uncertainty for individuals and departments, it has given us some critical time to approach this more judiciously.

It is at the time of highest stress that we need the clearest vision. A large number of UCSF staff members are working hard to translate this OE vision into a working operation. Once the new ways to work have been developed, they will be shared with you. In addition to Town Halls and Brown Bags, we will be sharing what we have developed on-line.