IT FAQs on Department Logistics

  1. How will departments whose employees are split between the UCSF Medical Center and Campus be supported?  This is something we are aware of and currently working on. We anticipate that teams will have access to provide support in either environment.
  2. When and how will departments be consulted on when they would like to transition to the new service?  We’re beginning outreach to department administrators and MSOs to identify areas to focus on.  If you would like to consult with us earlier, please email Sian Shumway.
  3. What support will be provided to departments who are losing IT staff?  We will work closely with departments to minimize impacts. We will have trained contract staff to help back fill in departments who need/want support.
  4. There are departments with faculty and staff at multiple locations at multiple campuses. If a customer moves from campus to campus, will they need to work with different technicians?  To some extent yes, but we want to minimize the number of support staff you interact with for continuity of service.  For example, you may receive support from 2-3 people at Mission Bay and when you work at Parnassus, it will be another handful of field techs supporting you.
  5. For departments that retain specialized IT support, will local IT staff have administrative rights to devices?  Yes.  In order to allow a department’s full range of support, we realize we’ll have to share and coordinate access to machines.  A great example of this is in Facilities Services where their IT staff retain administrative access to machines in order to provide specialized application support. 
  6. How will you be soliciting feedback from customers and technicians during the transition?  We will proactively engage customers through the transition period and beyond.  We will do that via in person meetings and surveys.  Additionally, the IT Field Services Advisory Board is available to collect feedback and make recommendations to the service.