IT FAQs on Application Process

1.  How are announcements being communicated to the IT community? All announcements will be communicated on the OE website and on the IT website Announcements will also be communicated on the IT-FORUM listserv. To subscribe to the IT-FORUM listserv please visit this page and follow the instructions. 

2.  Will the full job descriptions (i.e., job descriptions and IT questionnaires) be available? Yes, they will be posted to the OE website.

3.  When will the senior field technician and field technician positions be posted?  We are targeting mid Dec to post the positions and interviews to begin interviews in early January.

4.  Where will the positions be posted?  All positions but the Desktop Engineering Manager will be posted on the UCSF internal job board.  The Desktop Engineering Supervisor is posted here.

5.  What should I be doing to prepare to apply?  There are a number of things you can do to prepare for the application and consolidation process.

  • Talk to your manager about how this process will impact your department. If your manager needs help with this please ask her/him to contact Sian Shumway as soon as possible. 
  • Watch the UCSF internal job board for the new positions. Start working on your resume, and ask your management and customers if they will act as references.
  • Stay engaged.  Reach out to your colleagues for support and guidance.  Monitor the IT-FORUM listserv for announcements and updates.

6.  How many references should I line up?  At least 5.

7.  What type of people should I talk to about providing references?  Your supervisor or manager, a prominent customer who can speak to your customer service skills and others who will be able to provide specific information on your work.  For Field Manager applicants, you will be asked to include direct reports as part of your reference pool.

8.  How will my references be contacted? Should they write letters? Will they receive phone calls?  References will be contacted via email to submit an online reference.  Please do not ask them to write letters, as we will only accept submissions via the online reference tool.

9.  Brass Ring munges resumes. Can I email my resume to someone to make sure you see it in all its glory?  If you upload your resume as a PDF it will be attached to your application as is, so your resume will be seen as you intended.

10. If I’m applying for a management position, should I list members of my current staff as references?  Yes, you should.

11. Will current staff’s comments be confidential when providing references for management candidates?  Yes, they will.  The reference tool anonymizes the responses so they will not be attributed to any one person or category of respondents.

12. I’m not comfortable asking my current supervisor to provide me with a reference. Do you still need to contact them?  For internal transfers it is the practice for the hiring manager to contact the direct supervisor.

13. Can I apply for multiple positions?  Yes, you are encouraged to apply for all of the positions for which you qualify.

14. If I apply for a manager and/or engineering position and I don’t get it, will that be held against me if I apply for a field technician position?  No.  We encourage you to apply to any position for which you are qualified and have interest.  Non selection to one position will not impact your ability to be selected for another position.

15. If I apply in the first year and are offered a position and decline it, can I reapply in the second year?  Yes.  You can apply to any posted position for which you are qualified at any time in the process.

16. If I am offered a position in the first year and I decline it, will that be held against me if I reapply in the second year?  No

17. If I apply in the first year and I’m not offered a position, can I reapply in the second year?  Yes

18. If I apply in the first year and I’m not offered a position, will that be held against me if I reapply in the second year?  If you are not offered a position in the first year, we encourage you to apply in the second year.  Non selection at any point in the process will not be held against you. 

19. If I apply in the first year, and I'm offered a field technician position, can I reapply in the second year to try to get a senior field technician position?  Yes.  You can apply to any posted position for which you are qualified at any time in the process.

20. Do the manager positions (Desktop Engineering Manager and Field Service Manager) require previous supervisory experience?  Yes.  Please review closely the posted requirements of the positions.

21. Will people without prior supervisory experience be given a shot at the supervisory positions of they aren't filled with UCSF candidates before they open them up to external candidates?  No. Supervisory experience is a minimum requirement for the posted supervisor positions.

22. Will there be a skills assessment test, or will technical skills be assessed in the interview?  We will certainly assess technical skills in the interview and are still reviewing whether we can add a technical assessment to the process.

23. What if an employee is on leave during interviews?

  • Employees should be neither advantaged nor disadvantaged by the leave. The same rights/responsibilities will apply to individuals on leave as other employees.
  • If an employee has been on a sustained leave and is unaware of the ITS desktop reorganization, the supervisor should contact the employee directly to explain the process and timeline.
  • If an employee is interested, s/he should be encouraged to apply for the position(s) in question.
  • If an employee is qualified and an interview is the next step of the process, if s/he is unable to attend in person, the employee should be given the option of interviewing by phone.
  • If an employee is selected for a position, the job would be held until s/he is released to return to work.
  • If an employee requires accommodations when s/he is released to return to work, the interactive process will proceed