If there was an HR change to make, I used to just walk over and tell someone or leave a message. How do I accomplish that now if the new HR person sits over in a Service Center?

You will still have an HR professional who is assigned to your department; however, you will now initiate and approve HR transactions by using the new HR Service Request System. This system is an enabling technology that allows departments to request, review, approve and monitor progress on HR service requests.  Your department can submit requests for the entire HR life cycle for staff and many academic personnel actions. It will capture the required data elements so that requests are complete and the HR Service Center can process them quickly and accurately. The security and access to data is driven by department code. To prepare for the transition to HR shared services, departments should be thinking through their business processes to identify who they want to initiate and approve transactions.  There are helpful process maps that provide a comprehensive and detailed listing of all HR-related activities and identify where and how each action will take place.

It is important to remember that the HR Service Request System does not replace face-to-face or phone conversations.  Training materials and job aids will be posted online to help departments prepare their staff to use the system.