"I have been working in the same department for ages. If I need something, I know exactly who to ask. I dread having to call some 1-800 number to ask a question. How is that cluster person going to know how we do things?"

Since none of this has happened yet, a cluster still feels like an impersonal substitute for a very personalized way to work. In reality, the individuals in the cluster will be assigned to support specific departments and faculty. One of the benefits of receiving your support from individuals within a cluster is that when they are on vacation or out with the flu, you will have someone within their team who can still help you. A key element to their training is the customer support piece since we know that is an essential component of the success of the cluster structure.

The personal connection is so important for each one of us and it does need to remain an essential element of how we do business. In some cases, the individual in the cluster who supports your department may be a new person. You will build a relationship with them just as you have over the years with new people coming into your department. In other cases, the individual who is sitting in your department might be the very one who will be sitting in the cluster and is there to answer your questions and to support you.

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