How will I know when to apply for a new position in OE?

We still have considerable work to do before we are close to posting new OE specific jobs. The process for applying to new positions that are posted on the UCSF career website is the same for any UCSF job posting and will certainly follow the UCSF policies and procedures. However, we are reviewing the process and if changes are made, we will communicate them at that time. 

Since we don' t know yet what the new models will look like, we also don't know exactly what the new jobs will be. We are working through the new processes now and will keep you updated when we have some more definitive information.

We did post some positions earlier that were important positions to support the OE Work Groups. One OE position currently posted is for a Research Administration Training Director (Requisition #34388BR). The information is available on BrassRing, as would any position description. Training is inherent to the success of Research Administration so this position was posted prior to when many of the organizational decisions have been made.