This section includes all materials that have been presented, the original work groups, and other pertinent information that is no longer current, but may be useful for some. 

  1. General OE Information
  2. Messages from Leadership
  3. Finance3
  4. Pre-Award (Sponsored Research)
  5. Human Resources
  6. IT
  7. Communications
  8. OE Procurement
  9. OE Events Summary
  10. Managing Change

General OE Information


Messages from Leadership

Messages from Chancellor Desmond-Hellmann

Messages from Leadership

In addition to campus-wide emails and messages that have gone out, our leaders are very engaged with the Operational Excellence initiative and communications across campus.  Regular meetings with faculty, chairs and with all the Deans often include OE topics and will continue to do so as OE is implemented.  We will continue to provide updates and links on this page.





Pre-Award Implementation

RMS and Contracts & Grants Recruitment Update

The job descriptions below are for Research Management Services, which are part of the new research administration job family and Contracts & Grants positions.

July 2011

May 2011

All OE Pre-Award job summaries will be posted here as soon as they are available.  These are for your information only.  Jobs will be posted on BrassRing when recruitment begins.  The Pre-Award New Hire Process and FAQs document will give you more information.

The job summaries below are for the Phase I Pre-Award Clusters, now named Research Management Services, which are part of the new research administration job family.

RSCs (comparable to Analyst 4) are eligible for RSC with Certification positions (comparable to Analyst 5) once they are trained and upon successful completion of the Certification Exam.  The job summary below is for the RSC with Certification position.

Early 2011

The Research Administration Work Group has completed its high level design which has been approved and endorsed by the Senior Work Group, the OE Coordinating Committee and the respective Deans.  The work group will continue to serve in an advisory capacity and the two subgroups will continue to work on specific issues. 

The focus of Research Administration is now transitioning toward implementation.  In order to carry out these evolving responsibilities most effectively, John Plotts and Jeff Bluestone have formed a new Implementation team.  The work of the team is primarily to drive the implementation of the new service delivery model, to report the progress and issues to the OECC, provide oversight for the related technology, ensure effective communication and extend outreach to faculty to incorporate their recommendations.

Please feel free to review and share the Pre-Award resources below, which include presentations, Q&A from events, new job description(s) and other information we think may be useful for you.


Human Resources

January 2013


IT Presentations, FAQs, Information and Links

IT Initiatives and hiring information for new ITFS

Fall 2012: Town Halls, Job Descriptions and presentations

Job Descriptions & hiring grid

FAQs: Information on application process, hiring, organization, department logistics and enabling technologies

10 things you may not know about the Desktop Support Consolidation

UCSF Email Consolidation 100% complete!




The Communications Work Group was formed to share information on the Operational Excellence initiative within the UCSF community. 

The main goals of the Communications Work Group are threefold:

  1. To inform: to get the right messages to the right people at the right time.  To create an information flow that is timely, transparent and builds credibility and trust.
  2. To listen: to ensure ample opportunities for the UCSF community to provide feedback and input.  The strength of OE’s effectiveness is based on input from those individuals actually doing the work.
  3. To provide support for managing the changing environment.  This is a difficult and challenging time and it is important for managers and staff to have relevant and useful resources so they are equipped to succeed in the coming years.

Specific steps include:

  • Create and refresh the OE website to provide current, relevant information regarding the progress of OE
  • Create tools for chairs and managers to guide their departments through a challenging time
  • Hold Brown Bag sessions for all schools – these gatherings will provide overview updates as well as opportunities for more in depth conversations about specific topics, e.g. HR, Research or Finance
  • Manage an OE email account for all OE specific announcements and input/comments: [email protected]
  • Provide face-to-face contact with decision makers through the Talks with Leadership Series
  • Host 'Come and Be Heard' sessions for staff that provide an opportunity to express their concerns, frustrations and hopes.  These monthly sessions, open only to staff, are facilitated by Andrew Parker.
  • Address community questions through a regular series of FAQs that are direct and honest

All of these activities and additional communication efforts will be ongoing throughout the OE process.


People of OE

OE Coordinating Committee

Faculty Oversight Committee

Work Group Members



OE Procurement

Jun 2011: UCSF BearBuy Town Hall Presentation

OE Events Summary

June 2011: Summary of OE Events in 2011

Managing Change

Fortunately for those of us working through this time of significant change, UCSF does have support for change management and offers a variety of tools and settings.  These opportunities encompass activities that support an individuals’ ability to manage their career and their emotional well being. It also supports supervisors so that they can lead and support their staff during transitions.

Ultimately, it is up to each individual to take advantage of a program that caters to their particular needs.  We have identified multiple opportunities available to all members of the UCSF community – see the list and links below. You’ll note that some are existing programs and others are customized for a specific departmental request.


  • Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FSAP)  415/476-8279 
    • A Workshop on Stress Management Strategies for Building Resilience
    • Understanding and Managing Change
    • FSAP services include individual consultation as well as workshops and are available at no charge
  • Campus HR Learning Center
    • Managing Self Thru Change
    • Action Planning for Change Using 'Switch' Model
    • These Change Management Workshops are available at no charge
  • Living Well Program
    • Mindful Based Stress Reduction
    • ALIVE!
    • The Living Well website includes a broad-range of services which which on an ongoing basis and are available at no charge
  • The Osher Center for Integrative Medicine offers a variety of groundbreaking lectures, classes, workshops and therapeutic programs for the public.  The programs emphasize patient empowerment, prevention and whole-person being.  415/353-7718 
  • Individual Counseling 1:1 direct support  415/476-8279 
    • FSAP services include individual consultation at no charge


  • Career Planning Workshops Offered by Campus HR  415/476-0420 
    • Learn how to manage change.  Do some self-assessment to determine your strengths and your preferences.  Then develope a plan, update your resume, expand your network, and practice interviewing.  Focus on YOU! 
    • These career development workshops are scheduled regularly and are available at no charge
    • Log on to the UC Learning Center and search for 'Career Planning' to see upcoming workshops and to register.


  • The Operational Excellence Transition Support page has been created to provide Campus administrators with up-to-date resources in the areas of:
    • Business Continuation Options and Tools
    • Talking Points for Managers
  • Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FSAP)  415/476-8279 
    • A Leader's Guide: Understanding Psychological and Emotional Aspects of Change Management
  • Individual Counseling 1:1 direct support  415/476-8279 
    • FSAP services include individual consultation as well as workshops for groups and are available on request at no charge